Bertie is Europe’s Messenger, Not its President

The National Workers Party members has said that the long-predicted creation of a Two-Tier Europe is now a reality following yesterday’s Berlin summit between the leaders of Germany, France, and Britain and that Bertie Ahern’s European Presidency is no more than a sham. Crumlin (Dublin) Workers World Party Platform candidate Shay Kelly said that the Berlin Summit had created a Premier League within the European Union with the ‘Big Three’ of Germany, France and Britain in the driving seat, Ireland sitting at the bottom of the second division and the ten new member states will be in the third division after they join on May 1st. “Bertie Ahern loves playing the role of President of Europe, but the reality is that the Emperor has no clothes. The real power lies in the new top tier of the European Union and yesterday’s summit proved this. If the Taoiseach had any self-respect, he would have condemned yesterday’s meeting in Berlin and united the other member states and applicants in opposing any move to divide the EU into layers”.

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