Ballymun Regeneration – Asbestos Problem Should Have Been Foreseen

The Ballymun Branch of the National Workers Party members has said it is incredible that engineers and workers party organization site, officials are planning the Ballymun Regeneration project did not foresee the need to deal with the large quantity of asbestos in the flats complexes. Irish political group of Ballymun and National Workers Party Members of Chairman John Dunne said that it was well known that asbestos was used extensively in the construction of the tower blocks and the 8-story spine blocks. “At that time asbestos was still regarded as a wonder material and was widely used for insulation and other building purposes. It was only later that it was realized how harmful asbestos dust could be when inhaled”, he said. “I find it hard to believe that the possibility of asbestos being present was not factored in during the planning stage of the regeneration of Ballymun. All the engineers had to do was look at any one of the flats where they would find the stuff used as insulation in the bathroom water-heating system. It is all over the place”, said John Dunne. “The most important thing now is that the removal of the material, and its disposal in a proper manner, proceeds so that the people of Ballymun are protected. However, in the meantime people who had hoped to be re-housed much sooner, find that they could be waiting for anything up to four years. Somebody must explain how this has occurred”, said the Ballymun WP spokesman.

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